Eyecare News

Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses

Your makeup should work with your glasses, not against them, to showcase your best facial features.

Quiz: Which Frames Fit Your Personality?

Sporty? Glamorous? Vintage? Take this fun quiz to find out which frame style matches your personality best!

Glaucoma Drug and Weight Loss Regimen Battle Blinding Disorder

In a study where obese women with idiopathic intracranial hypertension used glaucoma meds and lost weight, vision and quality of life improved.

New DNA Test Can Help Pinpoint Causes of Cataracts in Infants

Congenital cataracts have many causes, but a quick diagnosis from a DNA test can hasten treatment.

Alcohol Consumption Reduces Optical Quality of the Eye

Alcohol can make oncoming headlights look larger and more dazzling -- one reason drinking and driving is so dangerous.